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Easy Installation
The Handy Post is designed to slide down over a common 4”x 4” (actual 3.5”x 3.5” dimensions) wood post with similar dimensions. If your current mailbox or sign post is secured to any type of wood 4x4 post, you can modify it or use it as-is to install the Handy Post with ease. See also Handy Post Double Installation Instructions link at the bottom of this page.
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Tools Required:
Cordless Drill with #3 Square Head Driver Bit
- or - 
#3 Square Head Driver       
- and -
Tape Measure

Optional Tools Required:
PVC Cement (used only for additional Cap install if desired) 



 or     and



     Handy Post Double

     Installation click below:

 Installation Instructions- HP Double.pdf


To mount a mailbox to our Handy Post Double arms, you need to purchase two ‘Mailbox Mounting Plates’. There are a couple of different designs (wooden & plastic; see below) at any local big box store in the mailbox areas, but we always recommend the wooden style if it is available because it is cheaper and works just fine. This plate is screwed down onto the vinyl arms (we recommend using drywall screws because the coarser thread grips the vinyl better), then your mailbox sets down over this plate and you screw your mailbox onto the plate down at the bottom sides of the mailbox where there are holes to do so.




Mounting Your Mailbox to any Handy Post Model Arm:

Click here for printable .pdf or see below

Mailbox Mounting Installation.pdf





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