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Handy Bed
High Quality PVC Raised Garden Bed 4'x4'x6"| 2'x2'x6"| 2'x4'x6"| 1'x4'x6"| 1'x2'x6"
Mini | Jr. 
Raised bed gardening is becoming increasingly popular year after year. With families having little or no yard space, nor the equipment to plow a garden, you can have a bountiful batch of veggies or flowers in a very small area. In appropriate sunlight on your deck, patio, driveway or yard, you can have a season full of color and treats. When the season is over simply remove the dead plants and leave your Handy Bed and soil in place until next growing season.....year after year after year!!
The Patent Pending Handy Bed is made of high quality exterior grade PVC, which unlike wooden garden beds, will never rot or deteriorate due to weather or constant plant watering. Its simple design makes assembly easy for almost anyone in minutes using only a phillips screwdriver or cordless drill (recommended). The units are stackable to increase soil depth and design. Our 4'x4'x6" deep Handy Bed requires approximately (10) 40lb bags of top soil (sold at retail for around $1 per bag) or 8 cu. ft.. The white vinyl is self cleansing from the rain or with normal hose water. When placing the Handy Bed on your deck or concrete, you can line the bottom with plastic to avoid staining the surface.
                                              4'x4'x6" Handy Beds  BUY NOW
                                               4'x4'x6" Handy Beds  BUY NOW
                                              2'x2'x6" Handy Beds  BUY NOW
                     2'x2'x6" Handy Beds                                      2'x2'x6" Handy Beds                
            (Double Stacked and Tiered)                          (Double Stacked and Tiered)          
                                              2'x4'x6" Handy Bed BUY NOW
                                             2'x4'x6" Handy Bed BUY NOW
                                                    1'x4'x6" Handy Bed BUY NOW
                                                Handy Bed Jr. BUY NOW  8.5"x47"x6"
                                                Handy Bed Jr. BUY NOW  8.5"x47"x6"
Handy Bed 1x2 BUY NOW  12"x26"x6"
Handy Bed Mini BUY NOW 8.5"x26"x6"
Virginia Tech Plant Pathology Study using 40 Handy Bed 4x4's
Limited Lifetime Warranty
The Handy Bed comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against rotting, fading, peeling or deterioration under normal use.