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The Handy Post

A Multifunctional Design
The Handy Post can be used in many ways to beautify your home or business. We now have four versions which we call Handy Post, Handy Sign Post, Handy Post Double and Handy Post Combo. Each are described below:
      Handy Post
A single arm post sleeve which can accommodate most mailbox designs and if desired, provides an extra large newspaper receptacle for convenience. This newspaper receptacle can be closed off with the additional cap included if desired. The vertical post sleeve is designed to slide down over a wood 4x4, but can also accommodate many other no-dig supports of similar dimensions. The arm easily adjusts to US Postal height regulations after the post is installed. Other post sleeves on the market do not allow for arm adjustment after the vertical post is installed. This is critical for a simple installation. The Handy Post arm can support up to 50 lbs. with no sag.
   Handy Sign Post
Place the arm at any desired location along the vertical upright and hang a sign up to 18" wide or support a flower pot or both. Great support for up to 50 lbs.
  Handy Post Double
Designed to accommodate two separate mailboxes on one post. Each mailbox support arm extends 14 inches from the upright and each side will support up to 50 lbs.
 Handy Post Combo
Designed to accommodate both a mailbox and a planter if desired. Each arm is installed separately and can be placed parallel or perpendicular to each other and will support up to 50 lbs. each. The mailbox arm should be installed on top and extends 18 inches from the upright. It also provides the option for an extra large newspaper receptacle if desired by not installing the extra cap. The lower arm extends 16 inches from the back or side of the upper arm.  
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